Our Mission:

We help caregivers find jobs

We help employers recruit caregivers

About ReciproCare

We care about making it easier and faster for companies to hire the right caregivers for their patients, residents, and clients. When that happens, employers, caregiving professionals, and all the people who rely on their care win!

Our team at ReciproCare works hand-in-hand with nursing assistants, home health aides, direct support professionals, and other frontline caregivers to give you fully complete, comprehensive, and industry-specific candidate profiles in seconds. We build caregiver-friendly technology to re-invent how quickly you can find the right caregiver match. By providing an unprecedented amount of candidate detail, hiring managers can prescreen and invite candidates to interview in seconds.

Partner with us as we tackle the caregiver shortage and grow the capacity of the long-term industry to serve people in need. At ReciproCare, every caregiver and every employer counts.

Meet Our Team

Charlene Brown

Dr. Charlene Brown MD

Founder & CEO

Dr. Charlene Brown, a Harvard MD, has been around caregivers all her life. Her mother worked as a nurse in skilled nursing facilities, while other family members and friends worked as nurses and nursing assistants throughout the healthcare system.

Inspired by her family's commitment to caring, Dr. Charlene chose to pursue medicine. After a 15-year career in public health and preventive medicine working in countries all over the world, she wanted to make a difference in the lives of her loved ones at home. That's why she quit her job as a physician and founded ReciproCare Jobs!

Tina Fynn

Tina Fynn

Senior Caregiver Specialist

While some people choose the path of a caregiver, others simply fall into it. Tina says that an unexpected series of events led her to work as a caregiver and to her current role with ReciproCare.

As an immigrant from the coastal West African country of Ghana, Tina was searching for work that didn't conflict with her classes. Her aunt, a caregiver, suggested, "Why don't you do home care? You can have one client."

Five years later, Tina is a CNA graduate of Fomen Nursing Assistant Academy, is currently working in home care and is one of the first employees of ReciproCare.

Benjamin Gallo

Benjamin Gallo

Caregiver Specialist

Benjamin Gallo was the primary caregiver for his grandmother and deeply appreciates the dedicated work that professional caregivers provide to their clients. He is also interested in improving the lives of people living with a disability and led "The Art of Autism in Nicaragua", a project that brought together studio artists and special education professionals to advocate for neurodiversity in his country.

Benjamin joined ReciproCare as part of the Project 55 Fellowship, a program designed to connect young Princeton alumni to innovative public good organizations. Benjamin aspires to be a physician and is using his time at ReciproCare to explore the intersection between healthcare and entrepreneurship.